Pacific Sun Best of Marin 2017 Readers' Poll

Survey ends February 28 at 05:00 PM.

There are countless things to love about Marin County—from its thriving art, theater, film and music events, to its food scene, to its natural beauty. Our way to honor all of that is to ask you, our dear readers, what it is that makes Marin special. Your answers from our annual Best of Marin readers’ poll determine winners in categories that include Arts & Culture, Fitness & Recreation, Food & Drink, Home Improvement, Family and Everyday. Our Best of Marin issue becomes a guide that you can hold onto throughout the year to refer to whenever you’re looking for “the best” of anything. This year, we’ve added two new sections—Beauty, Health & Wellness and Romance, along with some fun new categories. We look forward to tallying your votes, and we’re excited to unveil the winners in our Best of Marin 2017 issue, publishing on April 26. Happy voting!

A few online voting rules:

  • Complete at least 20 votes of the ballot for inclusion in the poll
  • Ballots are confidential, but you may be contacted to confirm your vote
  • Only one entry per person is permitted
  • Pacific Sun staff members, contributors, advertisers and their families may vote
  • Deadline for online ballots is February 28 at 5 PM.

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This survey consists of 280 questions. You must answer at least 20 questions in order for your answers to be counted.

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